A Friendly Game, Fizzlebit, and Swimmin' Mole have their own separate sections.

The Coloring Book

I enjoy coloring pages and illustrations even if they are not mine.

Hex Games Work

I've done a pile of art for the fine fellows at Hex Games for enough of their books that it warrents a section.


Maquettes + Mixed Media

Pencil / Ink / Color


Early Achievements

The following are a collection of short stories and screenplays. Because reading is cool.

Note: Stories may contain profanity or gross stuff. Read at your own discretion.

Short Stories

Sporting: Two fellas hunting in the woods discussing the philosophy of the sport. Featured in the third installment of Artemis, a SCAD publication of literary works.

Worthy Potentials : Desparate parents answer a peculiar flyer in hopes of adjusting their dysfunctional home life.

Self-Portrait : A determined photographer bent on creating the best self-portrait ever.

Pretty Darn Tasty : Famed county food critic visits a restaurant which creates a unique entrée in order to please him.

The Rocket Slide : The greatest slide ever built.

Short Screenplays

Friendly Neighbors : Recently-turned-wealthy fellow moves to an upscale neighborhood and spends his fortune in a less-than-upscale way.

Kibbles in Bits : One man's desparate attempt to save his skin and impress his wife.