This site has buckets of art stuff by Lindsay Hornsby, a cartoonist who’s done comics, illustrations, and sometimes crochets things.

Princess Pups

A webcomic about puppies who party in the sky and have lots of adventures!

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You can buy the Princess Pups Coloring Party, a coloring and activity book with over 30 Princess Pups images to color!

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Princess Pups in Paperback!

Tired of reading about partying puppies on a monitor? You can now read over 100 pages of Princess Pups goodness in book format! Buy Princess Pups from any of these fine retailers:

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A handmade crocheted toy puppy is next to the Princess Pups book

Dinosaur Coloring Fun for Everyone

Enjoy dino-riffic coloring fun with “When Dinosaurs Wrestled the Earth” or “Christmas Claws and Prehistoric Paws”! Both coloring books contain over 25 single-sided illustrations for coloring goodness!

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Laser Ponies!

Nominated for the Ennies for “Best Family Game”!

Laser Ponies is a tabletop RPG where you play as magical, happy ponies who have tons of adventures…and also can shoot lasers out of their eyes. This 2nd edition includes new cover art + interior art by me and a bucket of other swell artists and is from the fine folks at Hex Games!

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A webcomic that’s an endearing tale of a girl, her penguin, and their journey for world conquest.

Read it at

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I have Substack with somewhat regular writings, called Shorty’s Shorts. You can read it here or subscribe to have emails sent when a new story posts.

Dinosaurs & Critters

Oh man, I really like drawing dinosaurs and critters.

Hex Games

Artwork done for various tabletop RPG games by Hex Games.

Celia Science

I did the illustrations for the kids’ book Celia Science and Anna Art: The Computer Code Mystery, which you can buy on Bookshop.


Super Random Comics!

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A self-portrait illustration of Lindsay Hornsby in a one-piece dinosaur costume of her own design, with a hood that has a dinosaur face over her own head.

Hi there

I’m Lindsay and I like to make things. Sometimes the things are comics, sometimes they are front-end websites and/or pieces of websites, and sometimes they are crocheted. You’ll find me on the following places: